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bone china cup with gold designs decoration

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Why private label bone china mugs?

Retailers interested in filling their shelves with products featuring their brand name have a good reason. Private label bone china mugs are a good choice of products to get started.

Advantage and disadvantage of private label bone china mugs

Private label bone china mugs can have a lot of advantages. You can control the whole production process, from the idea to the products you choose, the way you decorate, the way you pack, what’s more, you can control the pricing, and the level of profitability its products provide.

The disadvantages of adding a private label line are few, as long as you have the financial resources to invest in developing such a product. The main disadvantages include:

Manufacturer dependency-whether the project will be as exact as expected greatly depend on the manufacturer you choose, since the production of your bone china product line is in the hands of a third-party manufacturer, it’s important to partner with someone you trust.

private label bone china mugs
private label bone china mugs

Although private label products are typically sold at a lower price point than their name brand brethren, some private label brands are now being positioned as premium products, with the higher price tag to prove it.

What’s the article about?

In this article, we are going to discuss the way of common decoration method of private label bone china mugs, we aim at using our experience and knowledge in the bone china industry to better present your design, provide suggestion from the insider to help you build your brand from the beginning.

when it comes to private label bone china mugs, the design is more important than other things. if we consider the whole piece of work as a show, the design would be the leading actor, while the material n shape of the mugs are acting as the supporting roles and the way we present the design matters too.

Different bone china mugs decoration methods

According to the way that the designs are decorated, bone china tableware can be divided into white bone china and designed bone china and color-glazed bone china.

White bone china

White bone china usually refers to bone china whiteware without any decoration. Some will add a logo at the bottom, the cost is the lowest, at the same time, people feel that such tableware is safer, it also maximizes the bone China tableware’s features of thin, translucent, white, bright. The use of multiple colors can raise health concerns. But of course, pure white can also be a bit plain, so white bone china is less used in private label.

White bone china mugs
white bone china mugs

Decorated bone china

The main classification of designed bone china mainly includes decals applying and gold decoration. That’s the main topic of this article.



The decal is the main way we achieve private label, also known as water transfer decal, the designs are printed on a special paper pre-coated with water-soluble Glue, and then after soaked in water, the colored designs are moistened and transferred to a ceramic surface by skilled decal apply workers.

Decal paper decoration is the main form of ceramic decoration, which is the most widely used decorative technique of all ceramic products, used for mass production, thus reducing costs and prices. With the progress of science and technology, now decal technology is also increasingly refined, advanced decal ceramic has long been rid of the poor image of long ago, with a very good decorative and artistic feeling.

Simply speaking, the production process of the decal paper includes plate making, screen drying, color mixing, sampling, and so on. The details can be found in the article Bone China Decal Paper Production Process.

Decal decoration technology is characterized by rich color, stability, durable wear, durable, it can show different styles according to different requirements of clients and suitable for mass production.

Decal decoration can be divided into overglaze color, glaze color, underglaze color according to the production technology. The pros and cons of each method will be discussed in more detail in another article.

Ways of decal decoration

According to the coverage of the surface, decal applying can be divided into part design, round design, and full design, covering different sizes of the surface of the bone China mugs. The client can private label the bone china mugs according to the effect he wants. Different decorative forms and parts can achieve a different effect.

part design. The design can be placed anywhere on the surface. Right in the middle or on the side as you need, comparing to the other two, this one is easy to apply, and for massive production, the cost is cheaper since, for a same size decal sheet, the number of the design of each sheet can be much more than round and full design.

Below is a private label bone china mug with part designs.

funky mugs
bone china mugs with part designs

Round design. The design circled the edge of the bone china mug, greatly used in the dinner set, combining with bone china plates, bowls, tea sets to form a luxury bone china dinner set.

Below is a private label bone china cup with round designs.

English red tea cup and saucer
bone china cup set with round design

Full design, the design’s pattern covers the entire visible surface of the bone china products, also widely used in the giftware industry, as it shows the design to the maximum.

Below is a private label bone china mug with full designs.

bone china mugs with full designs

Comparison of the 3 methods

From the cost and production difficulty, their difficulty and cost are gradually increased. The production cost of the paper, and the number of color types, specific colors, requirements, whether the design includes gold or not and other factors directly determine the production cost, this is why we always ask customers such questions when they are asking for quotations. What kind of product do you need, what kind of pattern do you need, what’s the quantity and what is the packing requirement, we can only calculate the cost after we know all these information, and a clear statement of these information helps the clients to officially begin the private label business.

Gold applying

People often amazed by the shining gold line exist at the edge of the bone china products, mugs, and plates, bowls, etc. The gold line takes the luxury of the bone china tableware to a new level. The gold was painted by professional techniques with a unique pigment which containers a certain amount of gold element. After that, the bone china products are sent to kiln n fired for 4 hours at the temperature of 800 degrees, the shinning effect achieved.

pumpkin shape cup and saucer set
bone china cups with gold rim and gold handle

The gold is applied by the professional artisan using different brushes, these brushes are similar to our makeup kit, different size brush for a different use, the gold usually brushed around the edges, such as plate rim, bowl rim, mug rim, cup handle. The decoration may be a line of different width. The addition of gold makes the bone China tableware look more upscale. But the cost of gold is very high compared to color design, so with gold decoration bone China products are generally more expensive.

Bone China Tea Sets England Afternoon Tea


When you private label your bone china mugs, it can be a mix of different decoration methods. You can position the design in the middle and round, or position the design in the middle, and with gold rim if the design color matches the gold.

Other decoration methods

In addition to the decorative methods mentioned above, other methods include hand-painted and color-glaze.

Hand painting is purely drawn by hand and has a lot to do with the technique of the painter and is not suitable for mass production.

Color glazed porcelain is to add a kind of high-temperature color agent in the ceramic glaze, so that the glazed products after firing show a specific color, such as yellow, blue, green beans, and so on. Many colored glazes are done by spraying an additional layer of glaze on products to cover the original milky white color of white bone china products.


When you private label your bone china mugs, it can be a mix of different decoration methods. You can position the design in the middle and round, or position the design in the middle, and with gold rim if the design color matches the gold.

latte mug
bone china cup with gold and color design and gold rim

After the design or gold applied, the bone china products will put into kiln firing for more than 4 hours at a temperature of more than 800 degrees. The firing temperature of gold and color is not the same, so the mix of two different decoration methods will need to fire two times.

Hopefully, this article will help you get some inspiration for private label your own bone China mugs, very best luck with your new business. 

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