3 Ways of Package Design for Bone Porcelain Giftware

separated gift box

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Package Design of Bone Porcelain Giftware

The importance of package design

Almost all the products are packed, and the bone porcelain giftware is no exception. In addition to the protection, convenient transportation, and storage of bone porcelain products, what is more important is its role played in promoting the sale of goods and meet people’s aesthetic psychological needs.

Package design is the first visual experience of the bone porcelain product, it is the direct and main transmitter of the product personality, the direct expression of the positioning of the corporate image. Good package design is one of the important means for enterprises to create profits. Product package design with accurate strategic positioning and in line with consumers’ psychology can help enterprises stand out among many competing brands and win the company a reliable reputation.

We have talked a lot about the bone porcelain products developing(check related topics here), in this article, we are going to talk about the package design for that.

a set of gift box
Gift box set for bone porcelain mugs

The article includes the following topics.

  1. The importance of packaging
  2. Main factors to be considered in package design
  3. Packaging design
  4. Case presentation
  5. Conclusion

The role of packaging

A good bone porcelain package should include the following aspects.

(1) Protect the packaged bone porcelain products against risks and damage, such as discoloration, breakage, confusion, etc. . Protection is important from the time the product is manufactured to the time before use, and packaging that fails to protect the contents is a failure, therefore, the protection of the products should be considered as the first and foremost factor.

(2) providing convenience. Manufacturers, marketers, and customers move products from one place to another, labels on boxes can avoid confusion.

(3) In order to be distinguished, the package must be marked with the type, material, introduction, quantity, brand, and name of the manufacturer or retailer. Packaging can help warehouse managers accurately find product info, but also help consumers find what he wants.

(4) Promote the sale of a particular brand, especially in self-service stores. The packaging attracts the customer’s attention and turns it into interest. Some people think that “every package is a billboard. ”good package design of the bone porcelain can improve the attractiveness of new products, the value of the packaging itself can also attract consumers’ desire to buy a product. In addition, increasing the attractiveness of the packaging is less costly than increase the unit price of the bone porcelain product.

Package design of bone porcelain
Package design of plates

Factors to be considered in package design

The customer’s first feeling about the quality of the product is reflected in the packaging. Money and attention spent on the package design are something well worth invested.

(1) Basic info about the products and make it as eye-catching as possible. Besides, whether or not the national requirements of the packaging norms are reflected. Otherwise, it can’t be sold on the market, and even if it is, it would have a negative impact on the product.

(2) Price. For many people, this is the most important factor. Product positioning determines your packaging positioning. The same product with different packaging represents a different price positioning. Different packaging requirements different MOQ(minimum order quantity) and are of different prices, customers have to choose according to their actual situation.

(3)Promotion. What kind of sales promotion is your package suitable for. Different packaging has a different impact on future promotional activities, For example, the delicacy, the product packing capacity size, and so on. Therefore, before carrying on the product packing design, people must consider future promotion activity influence.

(4)selling channels. How do you want to sell your products? The packaging should be of appropriate channel requirements. For example, if you are going to sell online, you should pay special attention to the security of packaging, to ensure that users receive the product, which is intact.

(5) quantity. If you only can start with a few hundred, you can not be customized packaging, because the cost will be too high. In that case, we would recommend using our existing packaging.

separated gift box
separated gift box for bone porcelain

Package design

When we develop the packing design, it mainly includes two aspects, the outer box choice, and the inner divider choice.

Classification of outer boxes

There are three main types of packaging in common use. Which are general packing, color box packing, and gift box packing.

comparison of gift box and color box
Comparison of the color box and gift box

General packing

The purpose of general packing is only to meet the most basic requirements of packing, that is to say, the same products are packed together and shipped to another place for reprocessing or sale. The main objective is to save costs, the only concern is to be safe, the main feature is no features.

bulk packing
brown box bulk packing

Color box packing

Color box packaging refers to the folding carton and color corrugated box that is made of cardboard and fine corrugated cardboard. Its features include the lightweight, cost-favorably, portable, wide source of raw materials, environmental protection, and exquisite printing.
Color box packaging is more and more favored by enterprises because of its advantages of easy processing and exquisite printing effect and becomes

the best choice for commodity color box packaging.
With the continuous progress of printing technology and color box manufacturing technology, there will be more delicate and practical, colorful box packaging presented in the future.
Other commonly used printing process also includes bronzing, hot silver, laminating, concave-convex effect, embossing and so on.

pink color box
Color box
color box package design
Color box die-cut provided to the customer for package design

Gift box packing

Gift boxes are generally used as high-end packaging. It can be made of a variety of materials, cloth, paper, leather, wood and so on. It involves much manual work, and complex surface treatment and post-processing.
Gift boxes are generally suitable for relatively high-grade goods, such as high-grade jewelry, wine, tea, and other industries, it is also an excellent package choice for bone porcelain giftware.

The products packed in gift boxes are more attractive, the boxes are made of high-grade materials and are made of better materials. People tend to think that the products are of better quality when they are in high-end boxes, they will feel that the money is worth spending. At the same time, a good package enhanced brand recognition invisibly.

gift box for bone china
Gift box
Bulk PackageCheapestnot attractive
Color Box packagelightweight, good printinghigh MOQ
Gift boxLooking fancyexpensive
Comparison of 3 package method

There are tons of different modelings of color box packing boxes and gift boxes. Both of them can be customized according to the customer’s request and are of a variety of forms. Generally speaking, the MOQ of the color box is higher, usually starts with 1000, the more quantity, the cheaper the price.

For example, the price of 5,000 and 10,000 will vary greatly. The minimum order quantity of ordinary gift boxes is low(without printing required), gift boxes are more expensive than the color box. The gift box is more exquisite, thicker, can better guarantee the product safety, also can better establish the brand image. And the price advantage of the color box, also makes it become the choice of a lot of people.

If the quantity is less than 500, we also have the standard color box to choose from. This color box style is unified, the quality is good, the price is also attractive, the unique internal design can guarantee the bone porcelain products safely, which is also an excellent choice.

standard color box for plates
Standard package design for plates

Classification of the inner divider

When there is more than one piece of bone porcelain packed in a box, we need to use the divider to avoid direct contact with the product to ensure safety. Such as bone porcelain tea set, coffee set, Cup and saucer, and so on. The divider is used to separate the different items to ensure that the products will not be damaged.

The commonly used inner divider includes a paper divider and an EPE divider.

The paper divider is the thick cardboard placed directly inside the box, as shown in the below picture.

example of paper divider for cup and saucer
Paper divider for cup and saucer

Pearl Cotton, also known as EPE, its molecular structure is polyethylene.

EPE is very common, it’s the white foam we have seen in many packages, in fact, it also has black. The use of EPE can greatly reduce shock, which can protect the bone porcelain product from damage to the greatest extent.

A lot of buyers go for the EPE. people may find that some of the EPE is very hard, very dense with small pores, in other words, very high density, while some are very soft, loose, big air holes, that is to say, EPE has different densities, high and low, you can choose according to your actual need and budget, as clearly, the high-density EPE would be more expensive, while in most cases, the lower density EPE is enough to meet the requirements of shock absorption.
In general, the price of the paper-based divider is cheaper, while the EPE divider is more expensive.

gift box with white epe for cup and spoon
EPE divider for cup and spoon

There is another option for the inner divider which is by using foam, while the MOQ is big with a high mold developing charge, not quite commonly used.

Case presentation

Below are some of our previous designs for packing bone porcelain products for your reference.

golden color box with paper divider
color box for cup and saucer
cup and saucer gift box packing
gift box for cup and saucer
pink gift box with black epe divider
Gift box with black epe
special designed color box
specially designed color box
white epe for bone china coffee set
white EPE for bone china coffee set
blue gift box
separated gift box for the mug
black color box
black color box


The package design of the bone porcelain products has the marketing function of establishing brand cognition, that is, the seller needs to present the brand information, establish the brand identification, make the consumer know the brand name and the brand attribute of the commodity, and then establish the brand image.

The attention of the consumer to each product is very short-lived, therefore, we must seize the consumer’s vision from the shelf sweep of the moment. Only packaging can make comprehensive use of color, shape, materials, and other elements while showing the connotation and information of products, brands, and other enterprises, highlighting the common interests of products and consumers, forming a more intuitive impact on consumers.

As an important part of product development, package design is as important as product design. Hopefully, this article will help you to have a clearer understanding of your packaging choices of bone porcelain products.

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