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is bone china miscrowave safe

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Is bone china microwave safe? Are bone china products strong enough? These questions are often asked when people consider using bone china products.

is bone china miscrowave safe
Are they microwave safe?

Bone China is a kind of daily ceramics, as the highest-grade ceramics, bone China products is characterized by light, transparent, thin, white on the appearance, this is because a certain amount of bone ash(don’t panic, not human bone ash) is added to the raw material when produced, at the same time, because of its low lead and cadmium content, the appealing appearance and healthy features makes bone china tableware more and more popular.

bone china tableware manufacturer
Bone china tableware

Although it looks thin, it has a higher density and hardness and is harder than ordinary household ceramics. But it is a kind of ceramic after all, so it is easy to break.
As bone China products are fired at least 2 times, sometimes 3 or even 4 times at high temperature, the firing time is up to 8 hours or more, the highest temperature of firing up to 1350 °C. So under normal circumstances, it is safe to put bone china in the microwave oven heating.

When can I put bone china tableware in the microwave?

So, when is bone China not allowed to be heated in the microwave oven?
The answer is when bone China has gold in its decorative surface.

If the surface of bone china is decorated with gold border and gold pattern, once we put the bone china products in the microwave oven, when it’s working, the gold layer on the bone china surface will generate a strong electric spark under the intense microwave radiation.

The radiation will seriously damage the gold layer and lose the yellow brightness, and the sparks would cause panic and danger, which will matter more than just ruining the bone china tableware.

Here comes another question, how do you tell if there’s gold in it?
The answer is to see with your eyes.
The use of gold makes the cutlery shine and makes it look more beautiful. There are two colors of gold, platinum and gold. And there are two main ways to decorate with gold. One is a line drawn in gold water, the other is in the designs, in addition to color pigments, but also the adding of gold.
Below are a few examples of bone china products with gold.

Most common bone china plates with gold rim
bone china cup with gold designs decoration
Decorated bone china cup and saucer with gold designs

What’s the difference between this gold and our usual jewelry gold?
The difference in gold content and making method.
The liquid gold used to decorate the ceramic products is a chemical raw material.

The main ingredients are acid, gold, silver, bismuth, resin, Turpentine, essential oil and other components, according to a certain proportion of the formula, and formed by complex chemical reaction. It often has an appearance like brown oil and liquid.

Bone china cups with gold brushed the handle before firing

While precious metals are the main component of gold, due to international gold price fluctuations, while the price of gold is different every day, so is the price of liquid gold for ceramic decoration.
The higher the gold content, the brighter the fired products, also the price would be higher.

To solve the problem that the products with gold can not be heated in the microwave oven, more and more people choose to use microwave gold instead of ordinary gold to make the dough. Compared with ordinary gold, microwave gold is relatively dull in color and looks less attractive than ordinary gold.

Advice from bone china factory

This principle not only applies to bone china tableware but also other daily ceramic tableware.
If you can’t be sure if the design is with microwave gold or not, refer to the instruction, otherwise, avoid putting the bone china tableware in the microwave might be a safer choice, what do you think?
Hope the above words helped you understand the is bone china microwave safe question. If you are interested in more bone china tableware knowledge, check the below links and share us your thoughts.

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