Craft Your Elegance: Bespoke Bone China Mugs

Transform Your Ideas into Exquisite Reality with Customized Bone China Mugs Tailored Just for You.

custom bone china mugs


Craft Your Elegance: Bespoke Bone China Mugs

Transform Your Ideas into Exquisite Reality with Customized Bone China Mugs Tailored Just for You.

What You Get?

Discover the essence of sophistication with our personalized bone china mugs at Longway Ceramics. Each piece is a testament to luxury and precision, designed to bring your unique visions to life. Experience the blend of exquisite shapes, advanced customization, and unmatched quality that distinguishes our bespoke creations. Embrace the luxury that defines every detail.

Diverse Mug Shape Selection

Choose from an extensive array of mug shapes, each designed to cater to different tastes and occasions. Whether you’re looking for classic elegance or modern flair, our versatile fine bone china collections ensure the perfect canvas for your designs.

Precision Design Realization

Utilizing advanced decal printing technology, we faithfully translate your creative visions onto bone china, capturing every detail with vibrant colors and sharp clarity. Our technique ensures designs are not only beautiful but durable and fade-resistant.

Unwavering Quality Commitment

At the core of our ethos is a dedication to quality. We only use the finest bone china, known for its strength, translucency, and luxurious feel. Rigorous quality checks at every production stage guarantee that every mug meets our exacting standards.

Personalized End-to-End Service

From the initial design consultation to the final delivery, our team provides bespoke support, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we go above and beyond to make your vision a reality.

Customizable to Your Specification

Beyond the mug shape and design, we offer customizable options for packaging and finishes, including matte, glossy, and metallic, allowing for a truly tailored product that aligns with your brand or personal aesthetic.

Short Lead Times for Custom Orders

Understanding the importance of timely delivery, we streamline our production process to offer one of the shortest lead times in the industry for custom bone china mugs, without compromising on quality.

Need Help?


Any question you may have regarding personalized bone china mugs

Discover the art of personalizing your bone china mug to create a masterpiece that’s uniquely yours. You can select your preferred mug shape, apply your designs, and create bespoke packaging exclusively for your project.

If you’re envisioning custom bone china mugs that perfectly capture your personal or brand identity, we’re here to make that vision a reality. Feel free to share your ideas or concerns about your personalized bone china mugs project with us. Our team is dedicated to crafting bespoke bone china mugs that exceed your expectations.

The MOQ for our personalized bone china mugs varies depending on the specifics of your project. For those looking to develop a new shape through mold opening, MOQs can range from 1000 to 5000 units.

However, for designs utilizing our existing fine bone china mug shapes, MOQs are tailored to the complexity of your design. This complexity mainly refers to the number of colors used and the specific colors chosen.

For simple 1-2 color designs, the MOQ is 500, while more complex designs may require an MOQ of 800-1000. If this seems daunting, don’t worry—options such as adjusting the unit price or designing additional items like teapots can reduce the MOQ to as low as 200.

For a comprehensive breakdown, please visit our detailed explanation on MOQ for custom bone china mugs.

Pricing for our bespoke bone china mugs is influenced by several factors, including the chosen mug shape, the complexity of your designs, the total quantity of the designs, the package choice, and whether your project includes luxurious finishes like gold or platinum, as well as the other services you may need.

We’re committed to providing transparent and tailored pricing once we understand the full scope of your needs. To get an accurate quote for your custom bone china mugs, we encourage you to start a conversation with us. Let’s discuss every detail and thought you have regarding your bespoke bone china mugs project!

Absolutely. Before we proceed with the final production of your personalized bone china mugs, we offer a sampling service. This allows you to see and approve your custom design in real life.

Sampling is priced at $200/design, with discounts available for multiple designs. This amount will be deducted when you place the bulk order.

Package sampling incurs a separate charge of $150 to cover the costs of operation, color adjustment, and material. This is non-refundable.

Typically, sampling for your bespoke bone china mugs takes about 2-3 weeks, varying with the complexity of the design and the current factory schedule. Dive deeper into our sampling process here.

From the moment you place your order for custom bone china mugs and confirm all the details, we embark on a meticulous production journey. This journey involves preparing the white bone china, printing the decals, producing the packaging, and finally, executing the bulk production.

The entire process for your bespoke bone china mugs typically unfolds over approximately two months. Rest assured, we will keep you informed at every stage of your order’s progress.

At the heart of our operation is a steadfast commitment to quality. We understand that the excellence of our personalized bone china mugs is crucial not only for our reputation but for your satisfaction as well.

Throughout the production process, from the initial design to the final product, we implement rigorous quality control checks. This ensures that the custom bone china mugs you receive are nothing short of perfect. For an in-depth look at our quality assurance practices, visit our quality control page.

We take pride in our eco-friendly packaging solutions designed not just to protect your personalized bone china mugs during transit, but also to enhance their presentation.

Whether for gift shops, retail, or direct customer gifts, we offer various packaging options tailored to meet your market needs and budget. Our custom packaging solutions ensure that each bespoke bone china mug arrives in style and in perfect condition.

For those seeking distinctive packaging that elevates the unboxing experience, our team is ready to collaborate on creating the ideal solution for your custom bone china mugs.

For an in-depth look at our package choices, visit our package suggestions page.

Durability is a hallmark of our personalized bone china mugs. Thanks to the decal printing technique we employ, your custom designs are not only vibrant but permanent.

The decals are applied to the fine bone china and then fired at temperatures exceeding 600°C, ensuring the design becomes an integral part of the mug. This process guarantees that your bespoke bone china mugs will retain their beauty without fading over time, even with daily use.

For designs incorporating gold or platinum, special care is recommended to maintain their shimmer, as these precious metals have different care requirements.

Yes, our personalized bone china mugs with color designs are perfectly safe for both microwave and dishwasher use, offering convenience alongside elegance.

However, mugs featuring gold or platinum accents should not be used in microwaves due to the metals’ reflective properties and require handwashing to preserve their finish.

For more guidance on caring for your custom bone china mugs, including those with precious metal accents, visit our pages on dishwasher safety and microwave use.

Absolutely! We understand the value of bulk orders for our clients and offer competitive discounts for large quantities of bespoke bone china mugs.

The pricing structure is closely tied to the volume of your order, ensuring that larger orders benefit from greater discounts. We’re keen to discuss your specific needs and tailor a pricing plan that best supports your project.

Engage with us to explore how we can make your large-scale personalized bone china mug project both spectacular and economical.

Maintaining the beauty and integrity of your personalized bone china mugs is simple with the right care. We recommend handwashing, especially for mugs featuring gold or platinum detailing, to preserve their elegance.

For color-designed mugs without precious metals, regular dishwasher use is perfectly safe. Avoiding harsh abrasives and extreme temperature changes will help ensure the longevity of your bespoke bone china mugs.

For a comprehensive guide on caring for your personalized bone china, including tips and best practices, please visit our care instructions page.

Personalized Bone China Mug Customization Process

How It Works

Select Mug Shape(s)

Begin by choosing the perfect mug shape(s) from our extensive collection. Whether you’re drawn to a single style or a variety, we have various shapes to suit every preference.

Submit Your Design

Next, send us the design(s) you wish to bring to life on your chosen mug shape(s). Whether it’s a brand logo, an artistic illustration, or a unique pattern, we’re ready to turn your ideas into reality.

Specify Order Details

Decide on the quantity of mugs you’d like to produce and the type of packaging that best suits your needs. Whether for retail, gifting, or personal use, we offer packaging solutions that tailed to your needs.

Receive Your Quote

Based on your specifications, we’ll provide you with a tailored quote. Our pricing is transparent and competitive, ensuring you receive the best value for your custom project.

Sampling Begins

With your go-ahead, we’ll start the sampling process. This crucial step ensures that every detail of your design translates perfectly onto the mug, meeting your expectations before proceeding with the bulk order.

Bulk Production

Once you’ve reviewed and approved the sample, signaling your satisfaction with the design, color, and quality, we’ll move forward with the bulk production of your personalized bone china mugs and then ship to you.


Ready to Begin Your Custom Bone China Mug Journey?

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Fill out our contact form with your design ideas, preferences, and any questions you may have. Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through each step, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable customization experience.