Best Travel Line to Tangshan(Chinese Bone China Born Place)

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Best travel line to Tangshan

Tangshan, a city located in the east of the Capital, Beijing, is popularly known as the born place  of bone china in China.

Our manufacturing factory is located in the north of this city. If you want to take an inspection or visit to the factory, but not familiar with the transportation, here are some transportation information you may find useful.

Usually, you may travel from your country to the bigger city in China, like Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen or Guangzhou, then come from these cities, the following are travel tips from the 4 bigger cities.

  • From Shanghai

best travel line to tangshan

tangshan airport

  •  From Beijing / Tianjin

As Tangshan is quite near Beijing, the best way is to go by train, there are plenty of them, and the time is quite short, around 30 mins from Beijing to Tangshan.

It is the same situation with Tianjin City.

  •  From Shenzhen

From 30 December, 2016, You can take flight from Shenzhen to travel to Tangshan now. However, you may need to know the flight would stop at Anqing first, then you will get to Tangshan. The Below is the flight information.


  •  From Guangzhou

As the schedule for direct flight line from Guangzhou to Tangshan is not stable, you better transfer from Beijing or Tianjin, then come from these two cities.

Hope the above flight information is useful for you, also, weather and air condition are something you need to check before you go.

Welcome you come to Tangshan to visit our factory. Also, if you have any questions about your itinerary , please feel free to contact us, we are more than willing to help you.

Hope you enjoy the stay in Tangshan.

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