What is Bone China?

good quality bone china dinnerware set

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what is bone china?

                 A piece of mud to a piece of art

What is bone china? How did it make? In the 103 procedure of careful planning, meticulous processing and producing, by merging traditional craft and modern art, pursuing health and high quality, a piece of mud became a piece of art, presenting you with daily healthy product–high quality fine bone china.

  1.  Raw Material  ( high quality bone ash from yak bone ash)

   Fine bone china use Kaolin, lime, feldspar, clay and bone ash as main raw material, the higher percentage of the bone ash, the harder the technology.

bone china making process  

2. Slip making

    After grinding, rubbing and special clay process, the next step is to make high-quality bone china slip from raw materials.


  •      3. Casting and Polishing

    Use the slip to fill the moulds, excess slip is drained from the mould, then refining slip shape with machine.


  1.     4. First Firing

     The first firing process take place in the Biscuit kiln, the products are fired over 15 hours at a temperature of 1250°C.

     As in the firing process, the bone china products will shrink and out of shape, plates and bowls should put in special equipment to endure long time firing.


  1.       5. Polishing/ sponging

Polish the biscuit plates and bowls in a vibro mill,after 4 times of artificial and mechanical work,the workers conduct shape bend and size inspection.


  1.    6. Glazing

   Glaze is applied by hand dipping and machine, to protect and decorate the biscuit.



  1.    7. Glost firing/ Second firing

     Once the glazed is dry, plates or bowls are fired for a second time over 7 hours at 1080°C

     After frozen,the Biscuit plates and bowls are inspected and any imperfections are ground off.


  1.   8.  Decorating

     Decal the decoration pattern to bone china biscuit or glazed surface. 


  1.   9. Decorating fire/Enamel firing

     A final firing at 825°C after decoration.


  1. 10.  Select and Packing

  After carefully selecting the qualified products for the end products, then workers careful pack to ensure safety in transporting.



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