Bone China Dinner Set for Sale

bone china plates with flower decoration and gold rim

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Bone china dinner set for sale!

Plenty of new designs available.

Good news, we are now promoting our bone china dinner set, with rich production experience and plenty of new designs designed for different market, no matter where you are from, you will find the designs you like.

Different countries and regions have their own usual dinner set combinations, also their own favorite designs, like for certain parts of the UK, the bee is quite favorite, for most USA area, they care more about the unique shapes of the whiteware. While for some Middle-east areas, the design looks more fancy and luxurious, the more they like.

For example, in Pakistan market, the dinner set often of 61 pieces. Consisted by the following compositions.

1.Dinner plate*8

2.Side plate*8

3.Soup plate*8

4.Dessert plate*8

5.Small bowl*8

6.Cup and saucer*8

7. Salad bowl*1

8. Casserole*2

12’ over platter

14’ over platter

Coffee pot


Sugar pot

61pcs bone china dinner set
(61 pcs bone china dinner set)

For the tea set, it usually consisted by 24 pcs, which are:

(24 pcs tea set)

10.5 inch plate*1

8 inch plate*6

Coffee pot*1


Sugar pot*1

Cup + Saucer *6

(When we count the total pieces, the teapot would consider as 2 pieces, as it has a cover, so is the sugar pot).

For some South and East Asia area, the tea set can be 14 pcs, which are 1 teapot, 6 pcs cups and 6 saucers, 1 teapot saucer.

14 pcs bone china tea set

Or a classic bone china coffee set can consist of 15 pcs, which are 1 coffee pot, 1 milk jug, (also known as creamer), and 1 sugar pot, 6 pcs of cups and 6 pcs of saucers.

is bone china miscrowave safe
(15 pcs bone china coffee set)

How to develop bone china dinner sets

To customize the dinner set,

  1. you need to figure out how many people you are considering for one set.
  2. What’s the dining habit of the local people.
  3. Choose the ideal product shape/looking.
  4. Determine the designs you want to customize.

Check some of our bone china dinner set.

A formal bone china dinner set includes the following items:

  1. Dinner plate. Often in the size of 10.5 inch.
  2. Side plate. Often in the size of 7.5 inch or 8 inch.
  3. Soup plate. Often in the size of 7.5 inch or 8 inch.
  4. Dessert plate. Often in the size of 6.5 inch.
  5. Small bowl. Often in the size of 4.5 inch.
  6. Tea cup and Saucer. For serving tea.
  7. Coffee cup and saucer: For serving coffee, usually of same shape as the tea cup and saucer but of smaller shape.
  8. Mug.
bone china tableware manufacturer
different sizes plates for different use

The above items’ quantity varies according to the quantity of the people for the set.

The below are the other complementary tableware, some of them are optional, you can consist according to your need.

  • Big bowl: Served as salad bowl, often in the size of 9 inch.

10’ oval platter: used as fish plate.

12’ over platter: used as fish plate.

14’ over platter: used as fish plate.

Casserole: Serving soup

Teapot/Coffee pot

Sugar Jar

Milk Jar/ Milk pot

Gravity boat: For serving the special sauce

Gravy boat holder:


Salt and Pepper Jar: For salt and pepper

Big spoon: To match the cassrole.

Small Spoon.

Below are other common compositions of dinner set welcomed by the market.

Bone china dinner set for 12 people

125pcs bone china dinner set.

1.Dinner plate*12

2.Side plate*12

3.Soup plate*12

4.Dessert plate*12

5.Small bowl*12

6.Tea cup and Saucer*12

7.Coffee cup and saucer:*12

8. Big bowl *1

9. Salad bowl*1

10’ oval platter*2

12’ over platter

14’ over platter


Coffee pot


Sugar pot

Gravy boat

Gravy boat holder

Salt and pepper set

Big spoon

luxury bone china dinnerware supplier
125pcs bone china dinner set

Bone china dinner set for 6 people (66pcs of dinner set)

1.Dinner plate*6

2.Side plate*6

3.Soup plate*6

4.Dessert plate*6

5.Small bowl*6

6.Tea cup and Saucer*6

7.Coffee cup and saucer:*6

9 Salad bowl*1

10’ oval platter*1

12’ over platter*1


Coffee pot


Sugar pot

Salt and pepper set

Send us a message if you want to do your own bone china dinner set, we have many new designs for the whiteware and the designs! Contact our salesperson for the photos of new designs or you can send your ideal designs, we will do it for you!