4 Easy Ways to Tell the Difference Between Bone China and Porcelain

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What’s the difference between bone china and porcelain? Here are 4 easy ways to find out:
(1) Estimate weight: When comparing the weight between porcelain and bone china, on the basis of the same shape, porcelain weight generally is slightly heavier, while bone china is lighter.
(2) View shape: Distinguish from the shape, due to the difference of technology and raw materials, bone china, comparing to porcelain, it’s the texture is thinner, and is more rounded and smooth, translucent better.
(3) Color: high-grade bone china is of delicate porcelain dense, smooth surface, bright glaze, giving the appearance of milky color, the higher the content of bone ash, the closer to milk-white, in contrast, if the content of bone ash is low, it’s yellow color is more obvious.
(4) Listening: Judging from the tone of clicking, porcelain is more of the sound of heavy thick, when two bowls collide, giving the sound of “ding”, basically no echo, however, if u put two high-grade bone china bowls on the flat of both hands and make it collide, it will give the sound of “clang” and echo, just like ringing a bell.

Don’t worry, as bone china is fired at high temperatures, it’s very firm,  this kind of collide will not cause damage. So you can use a little bit of force when conducting the experience.

Want it to be more clear, check the video.