Technical Requirements for Bone China Production

white bone china cup and saucer

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Technical requirements for bone china production

                                                                ——-what makes good bone china products?

Due to the features like fragile and difficulty of bone china, the In the firing process, its regularity, whiteness, transparency, thermal stability and other various factors are of very high demanding, below are a few technical requirements for bone china products.

  1. Whiteness above 80%. (measured by whiteness meter).
  2. TCP(tertiary calcium phosphate) in the biscuit should be not less than 36% .
  3. Water absorption less than 0.5% (measured by balance).
  4. Heat stability: no crack exchanging from 140 to 20 cent degree water.
  5. weight error in between 5%. (measured by weigher)
  6. Less than 4 kind of blemishes for each product, and blemishes should not be intensive.

bone china product

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