Customized Bone China Mugs-Promotional Gift Choice

customied bone china mug

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Promotional Gift Choice- Customized Bone China Mugs


customized bone china mug

Can you customize a mug according to the pattern we provide? Every day we get inquiries like this from our clients. Today, more and more companies have the requirements of customizing a gift for customers to maintain customer relations for different occasions, like business gifts, conference gifts, advertising promotions, employee benefits, holiday gifts, opening ceremonies, anniversary celebrations, of all the choices of the gift options, like the handbag, USB disk, umbrella, what’s the best choice that fit your needs?

customized bone china mug
customized bone china mug

The value of customized gift

Customers received a lot of gifts, many of which are repeated gifts, so how to stand out? Something that’s worth keeping is a smart move. If you choose a customized bone china mug, the gift is carefully selected, compared to those ready goods, the gift has an appearance of higher novelty, unique, craft and practicality, it’s a great way to win the hearts and minds of customers.

When it comes to customization, even a small design like printing on the corporate LOGO is better than just a plain mug, it can not only play a certain role in promoting the corporate brand, but also more to convey the sincerity and intentions of the enterprise.

A good promotion project can improve the market effect for the company at a very low cost.

Customized ceramic mug is a common gift customizing choice, it is actually one of the most commonly used gift choices. In the numerous gift choices, more and more people choose the customize bone china mug or the bone china cup and saucer. So what’s the difference between a custom-made bone china mug and a regular ceramic mug?

Differences between customized bone china mugs and ceramic mugs

Originated from the United Kingdom, bone china used to be the exclusive choice for the noble royal members. It is known as the first class of porcelain now, while porcelain is recognized as the better ceramic choice, the relation of the 3 would be like below. Favorable by a large number of people, a customized bone china mug not only can be useful but also of artistic value.


Compared with ceramic mugs, bone china mugs have a more exquisite appearance. Bone china has the laudatory name of being as thin as paper, as white as jade, and as clear as a mirror, good quality bone china cup surface delicate and transparent, beautiful and elegant shape, makes the customized bone china mugs stand out in a number of mugs choices.

Elegant look of bone china

Craft technique

The craft of making bone china cup is very complicated and needs to be fired twice before it can be formed, the complicated craft is naturally much more exquisite and has high artistic value. People can use it as a cup for daily use, they can collect it as art.

Raw material

Bone China is made from animal bone ash and charcoal mixed with clay. It does not contain harmful chemicals such as lead and cadmium. It is more healthy and environmentally friendly to use the customized bone china mug, make tea or coffee with bone china without worrying that the chemicals in the porcelain will melt into the water or enter the body.


Given the above advantages, the price of a customized bone china mug is more expensive than other materials like porcelain or ceramic.


So how to customize a bone china mug? what’s the process and technique involved? Any tips you can follow when you choose a supplier to fulfill the project? We have many customized bone china mugs choices, the rich experience of developing promotional gift choices gives us the advantage of fulfilling the With all the questions, if you want to customize a bone china mug or a bone china cup or saucer set, the next article will help you understand the process of customized bone china mugs, and how to select a qualified professional bone china mugs manufacturers that exactly deliver you needs.

Stay tuned.