FAQ for Small Bone China Wholesalers

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FAQ for Small Bone China Wholesalers

Recruiting bone china wholesalers! Recently, we are getting more and more letters from trusted buyers about the purchasing of our products lists on the website.
To make the process easier for you and to save you some time, below listed some questions that are frequently asked.
Again, the questions suitable for first-time small wholesalers, those who interested in buying some products to start your own business like open an online store, or buying some products to serve in the local shops etc.

1. What products do you offer?
The main products we offer are tea sets, cup and saucer sets, mugs. All of our products are made in Tangshan, and all of them are made of fine bone china. We produce and provide nearly all bone china tableware items, like plates, bowls etc. Welcome to send us an enquiry if you are interested in developing your own products.
The products can further divide into regular products and customized products.
A. Regular products.
Please check our online catalog(it might load slow, thank you for the patience), these products listed are our frequently made products, which can be supplied at a short time notice. Especially for the Bone china cup and saucer set, like Royal Albert style, Wedgwood style, which are popular and welcomed by a lot of people.

beautiful latte mugs
B. Customized products.
If you want to develop your own mug or cup and saucer series, it is warmly welcome too! From the shape of the designs apply and packing designs, we are here with you for the whole process. Contact us and share us more about your project, let’s make the idea become some amazing products.

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2. Do you have ready stock?
For the hot-selling items, like the Royal Albert series cup and saucer set, tea set, we have some stock.
Most of the products we don’t have ready stock. But if you are interested in our regular products and choose from our catalog, most of them can be produced shortly.
For the customized products, production time depends on the quantity, which we will discuss further.

3.How long can you deliver the products?
Mainly depend on the situation of question No.2. For ready stock, we can deliver within 3 days, for orders need to be produced, it depends on a lot of factors like production schedule, quantity, the difficulty of the making process.

4.What’s the shipping method?
Oversea freight can be a big obstacle stopping people buying from abroad, as it is quite expensive compared to domestic shipping.
Shipping method can mainly divide into 2 categories. Sea shipping and Air shipping. They both have its own pros and cons, you need to figure out which ship method suits you better.
For sea shipping, the shipping time can be quite long as 1-2 months, as bone china is quite fragile, it has more risk of breakage on the way, but its cost is less compared to air freight.
The most obvious advantage of air freight is the delivery time, for many cities, the package can arrive within 1 week. But it’s relatively higher cost is something we need to consider.
For cup and saucer set, given the quantity of 50 sets or 100 sets, the freight can be as much as the products themselves.

5. How are the products packed?
Safety is our top concern. Given the features of bone china, it is a total waste if broken on the way, therefore, extra safety packing methods are applied. We apply different packing method for different products, for example, for cup and saucer set, we designed a special packing method that fixes the position of the products perfectly, so it won’t shake on the way, the boxes are of thick paper, and the outer boxes are made of 5 layers paper, the breakage in the delivery is very very random.
Good products deserve good package, and package means a lot when you intend to sell them, it helps to promote your brand, and even help you sell at a good price! We provide customized packing design service for big quantity, for a small quantity, we have existing gift boxes options for you to choose too. You can start right way as a bone china wholesaler!

bulk pack

6.Can I start with small quantity?
Fully understand for small business owners, to start a business, there are many factors to consider, therefore, we try our best to support. For regular products, we are going to open our online store soon, you can choose from there, for customized products, there is MOQ to keep the cost as low as possible. Please contact us to find out the details.

7.Which payment method is accepted?
Due to the safety concern, currently, we only accept payment by bank wire transfer and the Western Union.

8.What’s the price?
Please contact us with the products you need, the quantity, your favorite shipping method, and if you have other requirements, please share with us too, we will quote your price as soon as possible.

9.What’s the process buying from you?
Please refer to the answers to question No. 8, if the price is ok, we can move on to the payment and delivery.
If the amount is small, like a few cartons basis, we will require 100% payment in advance.
For bigger amount(more than 3000 USD), we ask 30% deposit, and the rest payment paid before delivery.

15 pcs Fine Bone China Tea Set Wedgwood Style Gold Chain

10. What kind of guarantee do you have?
Welcome more and more bone china wholesalers join hands with us. Clients’ satisfaction is the ultimate goal of our work, we try our best to make clients have a better experience when cooperating with us.
Any questions or problems before, during or after our cooperation, please stay in touch with us, we will provide solutions.

If you have any other questions, please leave a message or send us a letter, we are more than willing to help.

Can’t wait to start your own business? Contact us with your RFQ.