Details in Choosing a Fine Bone China Mugs Supplier

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Details in choosing a fine bone china mugs supplier


“Their fine bone china mugs are the same as yours but they are 30% cheaper!!”

I received tons of such Comments almost every day from my prospective clients, for the fear of falling victim to our “lucrative Business”.

It’s a common story in almost every industry, where the Copycats are disguised as the “economical Originals” and lure consumers into their clever advertising.

“30% cheaper for the same quality.”

Very Eye-catching indeed.

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Though a wise buyer shall put a question mark on it as there must be trade-offs when the Copycats compromise on the cost:

By choosing poor quality material that you can’t even tell if it’s fine bone china or porcelain;

By using pigment that is even dangerous to health ;

By skipping some of the inspection processes just to save time and labor cost;

By using disqualified poor packing material and accessories that caused the breakage on the way.

Yes, They “look” like the same.

Potential Risks

But Devils are in the details.

You will start to be panic as they disappear from time to time after you paid the money;

You didn’t want to miss the promotion season as the supplier cant deliver the products on time.

You didn’t expect to see your bone china products severely damaged because of poor package.

You didn’t realize that you would have no clue about how the production goes and you have no idea when you can get the goods.

You didn’t expect to see the quality of end bone china mugs differs heavily from each other and the products are not even the same as the sample.

You should have cared more about Your brand image, starting from the first investment.

You didn’t expect to get quality complain from your hard-earning clients whining about the quality problem after a few months of use. – Yes, many people don’t know this, some quality problem starts to appear after a few months use.

It has always been a golden rule. You get what you paid for.

Good investors think in decades.

Not quarters.

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What we offer

Here in Longway, we conduct many steps to help eliminate the above concerns:

As we believe, quality is in details as well.

Quality comes from the places you may never have a chance to know.

Ask your current fine bone china mugs supplier, how many times of check do they go through before sending the end-products to you. If you can’t get a direct and instant answer, and if you do care about the quality much, you may be dealing with the wrong fine bone china mugs supplier.

Here is what we offer.

1.Quality Grade of white bone china products.

For example, the fine bone china whiteware was graded when they ready, please don’t be naive and believe you can get good quality products at a very low price, that is just not true in business field, here in Longway Ceramics, we always ask our clients a question, what’s your requirement for quality, and the answer is always “I want good quality”, well, of course there are some basic rules to determine the quality of the products, which we will share in detail in the coming posts(Stay tuned!), there is also an important concern whether the so-called good quality is necessary, as there are about 5%-10% price difference for A grade products and AB grade, which your bone china mugs supplier may have never mentioned to you.

2.Quality check

Under our internal QC regulation, we will at least 5 runs of quality check for semi and end products.

As we mentioned above, the products would be graded before use, here with Longway,  before applying with your design, there is an extra step of check which conducted by professional workers, they will check again if the products are actually qualified as they called, and if there is any missing check, the disqualified white bone china products will be selected and send back to white bone china ware factory, while for small companies or factories, they don’t have the sense or the people or the energy to do this.

After applying the designs and before firing, there are steps of wipe, clean and dry, here we have someone check the bone china products again, one piece by one piece, to check if the decal applying workers have done their job correctly, if there is any flaw caused by improper operation, the products will be sent back and redo,This minimizes the occurrence of defective products.

While some quality problem only occurs after firing, it’s important to check the end-products again before packing, and that’s what we do. This inspection is the most important one as once it passed, it will be sent to our clients, professional quality check person will check carefully and the defected products are graded out.

At last, the responsive salesperson will do a random inspection of the well-packed products before delivery, sometimes video check together with clients to make them feel safe.

3.Packing details

Packing cost here with us might be a little higher than other places, but we don’t want to cut the cost, poor packing leads to too many troubles after products arriving at the customer’s site and there is no way to remedy, especially for vulnerable bone china products, to be honest, we have our lessons learned in a hard way.

Here are what we do.

Thick EPE foam will be used between each piece when packing to avoid breaking. Pragmatic carton designs will be provided by our experienced packing factory partner. we will adopt both our clients’ demands as well as the factory’s suggestion, to come up with the best packing solution.

The pallet will be used to protect against possible bump resulting from long distance traveling and shaky sea transportation for small quantity order(Mostly for LCL), step by step to ensure a protected sea traveling to client’s Home.

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Words we want to share

There are much more we can share with you about our quality control over our bone china products, and there is no absolutely Perfect &flawless  fine bone china mugs supplier. You have to balance out its merits and flaws. Be level-headed and detect it when suppliers try to brainwash you.

Bear in mind what are the most important factors for you and share it honestly with your supplier, a good bone china products supplier should not be just someone who earns from you oversea, but an important part of your whole supply chain, a trustworthy partner who you can count on, who can grow together with you. that’s what we’ve been doing, and that’s who we will continue to be in the future.

So if you are suffering from the pain mentioned above, if you are looking for a change, if you are looking for a solid fine bone china mugs supplier, team up with us, We always strive to help you handle bone china production more easily.

we will not let you down.