Bone China Factory Tour

bone china factory tour

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Our tour guide Jovie talks about the bone china factory tour where you can learn about all aspects of our production processes and techniques and see first-hand the skill, talent, and knowledge that goes into every product.

Bone China factory tour-pictures

bone china factory tour
Bone china factory overview
decal preparing room
decal apply workers working
firing kiln
Finished products ready for packing
warehouse 2
container loading

Bone china factory tour- video

The video shows how an important part of finalizing the bone china products was done, which is mainly about the decal applying, by preparing decal, whiteware, applying the decal on the whiteware, wiping, quality checking, firing, and you get the final goods.

As easy as the steps might seem, many details need to be taken with great attention to, which can’t be revealed through this short video.

Like we always said, leave it to the professionals. When it comes to the customizing of bone china tableware, talk to us, you will not be disappointed.

As simple and old-fashioned as the factory looks, we have quality products delivered to the world every month. With an experience of more than 10 years, as mentioned in the video, there are a few features keep us standing out in the bone china supply market.

Bone china factory Strengths

  1. Located in Tangshan, north China, which is the industry center of fine bone china the world, we have a whole mature supply chain behind us. With the supply of whiteware, the technique of decal development and decal application, the application of color glaze and digital printing, and the wide range of shapes and items, you can find whatever you need regarding bone china here.
  2. The strict quality control measurements throughout the entire production procedure of bone china tableware, it was the attention paid to every detail that makes us go far.
  3. Our service. The concept of growing together with the clients helps us shape our ways to deal with customers with full passion and professionalism. We do whatever we can to help the growth of our customers’ business.

A few questions you might be interested in.

How many years does our factory exist? Do you have photos of the factory? (this is just only for my documentary flow)

Our factory was established in 2000. Please find the attached factory photos.

What percent of the bone meal does BONE CHINA consist of? 

The bone ash content is around 43%. 

What temperature of firing is it? Is the decal handmade or what type is it? Is it a glaze or an underglaze? 

The decal firing temperature is depending on the actual design, for the color design it’s around 730 cent-degree, the design with gold is around 680 cent-degree, and there are designs requiring firing temperature in between the range to ensure the color is right and the design permanently stays. If you are asking about the whiteware firing temperature, as bone china is 2 times firing products, the firing temperature is 1250 and 1150 cent-degree.  The decal is on the glazing technique, that’s the most commonly used technique, as in-glaze or underglaze can’t reach the vivid and colorful performance.

If is it possible to produce the products with our design?

Yes, as I mentioned before, I recommend you use your own designs.

How many people work in the factory? Are the office and the factory located together?

There are around 40 workers in the factory, we have offices in and outside the factory. 

How many years have you been producing the porcelain products and what countries (maybe, companies) you have already cooperated with? 

We have been producing bone china since when factory was established. We work with companies from the US, UK, AU, VN, France, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, etc. I can’t reveal the companies’ names as the brands prefer to keep that as confidential info. 

Hope the bone china factory tour helped you understand our factory and products, any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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