Bone China Dinnerware for G20 Summit

G20 summit dinnerware

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Bone China Dinnerware for G20 Summit

Today we would like to share with you the bone china dinnerware the G20 Summit. It’s a simple introduction about the effort our designers have done in presenting these amazing bone china tableware on the G20 state banquet.


Choosing the right ceramic , is something that matters to our life.

Chinese ceramic art is an important symbol of human civilization.

We pursue the meaning of expression in the artistic way,

And exert the beauty of the nature to the utmost.

exquisite-bone-china-teapot Chinese-tea-set beautiful-bone-china-teaset beauty-of-bone-chinaWe love the nature, enjoy the life,

The art of the Chinese ceramic is at its persistent pursuit of a exquisite life.


The beauty of the ceramic products, is at its implicit and warm,

Its emphasis on the expression of our inner feeling,

Chinese ceramic products has it’s own unique and simple characteristic,

It has impacted every detail of our life,

Bowls, plates, cups, saucers.

Redefine life with art, is the new life aesthetics

And it is still attracting people all over the world nowadays.

West lake feast

The design of top is inspired by the famous scenic spot ”Three Pools Miroiring the Moon” of the West Lake in Hangzhou.


Today we are going to introduce the bespoken bone china dinnerware for G20 Summit, which have attracted many attention eversince. What does it look like? How did they make it?


The State banquet bone china dinnerware are made with high-grade bone china with 45% natural bone ash.


Below is a bone china dinner set named “The West Lake Feast” designed and produced by Shanghai team.

The shape design of the soup tureen was inspired by the boat on the Maritime Silk Road, while the top is a simple Span modelling.


The pattern design of the State banquet is inspired by the traditional landscape painting characterized by the prominence of blue and green colors, while the shape of the dinnerware adopt the figure of bridge.


The whole bone china dinnerware set reflects the G20 Summit state banquet’s tone, which are the West Lake, Hangzhou characteristic, the charming of Jiangnan, the style of China, and a world powerful country.

state-banquet overview

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